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Labor Distribution Overview & Salary Expense Transfers (SET)

  • Labor Distribution processes have been removed from the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) and are available in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
  • Payroll Salary Expense Transfers have been removed from the Online Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS) and are initiated on the KFS Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document.
  • With the above changes, there is no more having to wait for month-end reporting in PPS to process payroll expense transfers!
  • After the SET is fully approved in KFS, the transaction appears on the General Ledger the next business day!
  • Benefit expenses are calculated using a composite benefit rate (excluding Chart H accounts) and distribute employee benefit costs to department accounts. As is current practice, Chart H accounts will continue to do salary transfers at calendar month end and will use actual (not composite benefit) rates.
  • PPS data output is modified in order to implement the composite benefit rate and feed detailed salary and benefit data into KFS Labor Distribution (LD).
  • Effort Reporting data posts to the Effort Reporting System (ERS) from KFS.
  • Any automatic feeds going to PPS for salary expense transfers are denied as those transfers are now processed in Kuali
  • PAN (Post-Authorization Notification) System Reviews for salary expense transfers are not required for salary expenses transfers done in KFS. The Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document in Kuali is automatically routed for the necessary approvals (fiscal officer, organization review). All other PAN Reviews will continue as usual.

Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document in KFS replaces the EDTS and EDTM transactions in Online Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS).

  • Transfer multiple expense transactions per employee!
  • Transfer partial amounts
  • Effort recalculated; Expense Transfers sent to ERS
  • Standard Accounting Line rules apply on document
  • Used for graduate student (Teaching Assistants, Graduate Student Researchers, etc) salary expense transfers, too
  • Rules on SET document include:
    • 13 Months Restriction for transferring expense
    • Salary Cap Limitations
    • Work Study Restrictions
    • 120 Day Rule (A-47) for Federal and Federal Flow-Through Funds
    • Chart H cannot process expense transfers until monthly benefit expenses post to ledger. This includes transferring from and to other charts.
    • Only one pending SET document allowed per Fiscal Period/Account/Object Code per Employee
    • Can cross charts; the composite benefit rates will automatically apply to the chart to which the expense is being transferred

Access is available to those users who have secured the necessary pre-approval and completed the required training. Training is required before access is granted to the SET document

FIS Decision Support (DS) Changes
  • New FIS DS report, Payroll Expense Distribution Report (339), has been created for payroll expense transactions
  • Historical reports (June 2011 and earlier) will remain in PPS-DS

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