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OPTRS (Payroll Transactions) Preparers & Reviewers Required Classes

Online Classes:

(BEFORE attending any of the classroom training options listed below, the following 2 online classes MUST be completed first. Enroll in the Campus UC Learning Center entering the class code indicated below:)

  • PPS Payroll Personnel System 101 (30 minutes), Class Code: DAC-PPS-01
  • PPS Payroll Policy and Introduction (30 minutes), Class Code: DAC-PPS-02
Classroom Training:

* Employees are required to present a departmental signed copy of their PPS Access/Change Application to the PPS Administrator in Accounting and Financial Services, Payroll Division one week prior to the class in order to attend. Only employees who will be responsible for PPS/OPTRS administrative functions/transactions will be permitted to attend due to the confidential information accessed in the course.

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