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Online Payroll Time Reporting Services (OPTRS)


OPTRS is the module of the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) that allows on-line entry of time data and payroll adjustment transactions. Users enter and make changes directly to an on-line file which is used to record pay transactions. Transactions entered on-line result in the generation of Post-Authorization Notifications (PAN) informing unit managers, and central administrative offices as appropriate, of adjustments to original payments.

Authorized Use

Users of OPTRS must be authorized by the campus PPS Security Committee before access can be granted. Each department must identify at least one primary Preparer, one Reviewer, and one back-up Preparer/Reviewer (a minimum of three individuals). Security considerations dictate that a Preparer may not initiate nor be the sole reviewer for transactions affecting his-her own pay. Audit standards must be maintained. (For more information, see Obtaining Access.)

Record Keeping

Source documents used for time reporting must bear appropriate signatures since paper prelisted timesheets are no longer submitted to the Payroll Division. Departments are required to maintain source documents for audit purposes in accordance with UC record retention policies.

Salary Expense Transfers No Longer in OPTRS

Salary expense transfer processing has been removed from OPTRS and is available as of 7/13/11 in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) on the Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document.

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