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UC Office of the President offers a secure, password protected site called At Your Service Online (AYSO) for current and prior employees to access information about their employment.

Everyone accessing the site will need to set up basic profile information, which can be updated at any time. This includes information such as a system user name and password, email address, and additional security information to keep your account confidential.

The main menu for AYSO offers options that will include viewing earnings statements, updating your tax status, seeing W2 statements from your date of employment starting in 2005, retirement and benefits information.

Instructions on how to access your your payroll earnings statements are included below. These instructions can also be used to access any other option from the AYSO menu.

How To View and Print an Earnings Statement

1 Login to AYSO site

Link to At Your Service Online (AYSO):

2 Go to Earnings Statement options

Begin at the Main Menu for your AYSO account.

Click the Earnings Statement link in the Income & Taxes section, found on the right side of the page.

3 Choose pay period for statement

You are now on the Pay Date Selection screen.

Select a date from the list and click on View Statement in the Notes column to see the detail for that Direct Deposit statement.

Note: Earnings statements are in PDF format. Download free Adobe Reader software, if needed, to view your earnings statement.

4 Print your statement

If you want to print the statement click File in the browser menu at the top of the window, then select Print from the drop-down list.

5 Log off

Make sure to log off the site before leaving the page. The Log Off link is in the upper right corner of the window.

If you have questions contact the PPS Help Desk or by phone at (530) 752-7750. Do not provide any SSN information in email contact.

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