Education & Support Services

Our Mission

To provide, in partnership with other A&FS divisions, quality training and customer support with the goal of assisting UCD staff toward improved, efficient business practices.

Our Services

Help Desk Support

We provide daily support for users of the Financial Information System (KFS), Payroll & Personnel System (PPS), and the Time Reporting System (TRS) through our Help Desks. Our goal is to provide exemplary customer service, while assisting users in developing self-help skills. We guide users through the steps necessary to complete their tasks, and direct them to resources available online. As needed, we refer users to the appropriate resource for questions of policy.

System Testing & User Interface Design Consulting

We are in a prime position to provide support to the systems development team in the areas of testing and user interface (UI) design. We have daily contact with the user community and know the challenges they face. We are familiar with typical workload issues, level of user expertise, and areas of common confusion. We bring this knowledge into the testing environment through "real world" scenarios applied to new or enhanced functionality. As daily users ourselves, we can also address efficiency and comfort in UI design, working with development staff to create user friendly applications.


We have a staff of skilled trainers who have a strong interest in transferring knowledge that will have a "real world" impact. Our instruction focuses on providing the attendees with independent problem solving skills that they can apply when alone at their workstations. Our trainers spend time outside the classroom assisting others with their business processes through contact on the Help Desk and site visits. This daily contact strengthens their teaching by providing direct knowledge of the areas that cause the most confusion and errors.

Training Development

We have a staff that is skilled in developing training offerings, whether classroom, published or online. We believe strongly in continuing education, with our training staff attending classes and conferences annually to keep their skills honed. When partnered with subject matter experts, our trainers can ensure that A&FS provides consistent, high quality training offerings in all areas of business processes.

Web Development

Our staff possesses web publishing skills from basic to advanced. We apply these skills most often to developing and maintaining web based resources for the campus business community. We are able to provide A&FS with quality web sites that reduce staff time spent answering basic or repetitive questions.


We realize that not all issues can be prevented with training, or solved over the phone. As part of our dedication to customer service, we provide onsite consulting by request. By inviting appropriate subject matter experts, we ensure that our visits are productive in preventing or resolving the requestor's problems.

Committee Work

Due to the unique nature of our group - the diversity of skills as well as our exposure to both departmental and administrative office perspectives - we are often asked to participate on campus committees. We view this as an opportunity to assist with change, and to help ensure the future success of the campus community.