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2011 - Year In Review
New Partners

During the last year, the EDMS project added two new exciting partners: Occupational Health and Graduate Studies. Occupational Health will be using EDMS to scan and archive employee medical files. These include both preventative and workers compensation documents. This is a big step for Occ Health, which had been keeping a vast number of these files in boxes in the basement of their old facility. Since they have now moved closer to the core of campus, they have a great reason to clear out the archive of old documents. Once all their old files are scanned, they will explore using EDMS for active documents as well.

The Graduate Studies project really enabled EDMS to show its strengths. First, we replaced an expensive and time consuming vendor solution for scanning graduate application transcripts. This process involved mailing boxes of transcripts to a vendor and waiting for them to scan the documents. Grad Studies is now able to scan the transcripts themselves and has trimmed days off the processing time. In addition, EDMS has replaced the existing file share that the department used to house PDF files from Embark, the application facilitator. Now, all PDFs from Embark are loaded nightly into EDMS through a batch process. The application materials, including the scanned transcripts, are available to departments through the GARD Web application using our integration tools. All said, they are scanning from paper and importing PDFs, using manual and batch processes, and integrating with their Web application. Very exciting!

New Software

During 2011, we upgraded our Kofax Capture software from 7.5 to 9.0. This was a major upgrade and had to be coordinated among our various partners. In addition to our own team, we hired some extra technical support from ImageSource to ensure that the upgrade went off without a hitch – which it did!

The new version of Kofax provides better stability on the back-end and some more exciting tools to use when indexing. The one we are having the most fun with is the "rubber band OCR", which allows users to draw a box around text on a document and automatically convert it to an index entry. In the past, this type of functionality required common forms and detailed mapping. Now, we can do it on the fly with the mouse.

We also upgraded our Import and Export tools, which help EDMS integrate with applications such as GARD, Embark, MyTravel, and DaFIS DS. This upgrade provided better user interface and more options for how we take in and send out documents.

Pages Scanned

In 2011, there were 3.8 MILLION pages scanned into EDMS. What an accomplishment! That is the equivalent of 380 filing cabinets!

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October, 2010

Kofax 9 is here! Over the last couple months, the project team has been busy planning and implementing an upgrade of our Capture software to the most recent version available. The upgrade was completed in October and all units are now running Kofax Capture 9.0. This new version provides some better recognition processes, more robust maintenance features, and, most importantly, keeps us in compliance with our vendor support.

The Safety Services implementation is still in progress. Right now we are hoping for a go-live in December. Their solution will include a general scanning application available to multiple business units. In addition, a specific application will be built for imaging archived medical records at Occupational Health.

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August, 2010

Welcome to the new fiscal year! Already this year we had our first Go-Live for our newest units: University Relations and Extramural Accounting. University Relations has begun scanning all their Gift Acceptance Forms starting in July. New forms will no longer be mailed to Extramural Accounting, nor will additional carbon copies be necessary from the initiators! Instead, Extramural will be able to retrieve all their GAR forms electronically and complete their procedures in a more paperless environment.

During the last month we have started a new implementation for Safety Services. The Environmental Health and Safety unit has already been using EDMS for over a year now, and now other units will be joining in. The most likely units will include Occupational Health, Risk Management, and Business Services. We’ve just now finished our Project Charter and hope to complete this project by year end.

Last but not least, we are planning to upgrade our Capture software in the next couple months to the newest version available from Kofax. This upgrade will enable a variety of new features and help make scanning documents even easier.

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April, 2010

Since our last update, we have completed three new implementations: MyTravel EDMS, Capital Assets, and Internal Controls. All three have been in operation for over a month now and are working great! The Capital Assets and Internal Controls projects continue our trend of reducing campus paper retention, while the MyTravel EDMS project is a great example of reducing campus costs and at the same time increasing system performance. In the past, we had been using a vendor-supplied imaging system to house all of our MyTravel receipts. Now, we are using the EDMS solution we already own, and we’ve decreased the time it takes to submit a report by more than half!

Our current project is a joint effort by University Relations and Extramural Fund Accounting to image and electronically route Gift Acceptance Forms. This initiative should save on time and reduce the data entry associated with these GAR forms. Our goal is to have the solution in Production by the new fiscal year, July 1st.

We are also working on a new implementation for Safety Services. More details about that to come in the next update.

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January, 2010

Materiel Management and Human Resources are now live with EDMS! Our two newest units have started scanning into production in January and have already imaged over 23,000 pages.

Our other two implementations are both moving along nicely. The Internal Control and Capital Asset Accounting implementation is still on schedule and will hopefully be scanning into production by month’s end. The MyTravel EDMS integration project is currently system testing all the new components. This testing should be complete in February, and the system is planned to go-live in March, 2010.

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December, 2009

Materiel Management and Human Resources are almost live with EDMS. Due to the holidays and scheduling challenges, the projects have taken about a month longer than expected, but are nearing the finish line and we expect both to be live by early January, 2010. These two projects will provide imaging solutions for 17 distinct types of documents and will be accessed by over 125 new users.

We are also in the middle of a new implementation which will be shared by Internal Control and Capital Asset Accounting. They are on schedule to begin scanning statements of cash collection and capital project documents by February, 2010.

Our last update is for the MyTravel EDMS integration project. This project began about two months ago and is intended to use EDMS as a cost-saving replacement for the MyTravel imaging service, which is currently outsourced. This effort involves resources from Communication Resources, Systems Development, Systems Operations, AP and Travel, and the Project Management Office. Our current schedule is to cut-over to EDMS in March, 2010. It is hoped that this cut-over will be transparent to the MyTravel end-users, with the exception of a new fax number to use.

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September, 2009

For the last two months, the EDMS team has been focused on two implementations: Human Resources and Materiel Management. These implementations are both on-schedule and should be in production by November or December of this year. With these new departments, we are striving to provide solutions for a much wider variety of documents than our past systems. While it takes a little more coordination on our part, this strategy will allow EDMS to be a benefit to almost everyone within these departments.

In addition, our first workflow application is now in Production. This solution provides an automatic routing of invoices to AP processors if the document numbers were not written correctly. It allows the AP processors to research the correct document number and re-index the image, all without printing or moving the paper document around. Our next step will be to build a similar solution for Payroll documents.

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July, 2009

The EDMS implementation project for Materiel Management (MM) has begun this month. This should be an exciting project that will result in a wide variety of MM documents, including purchase orders, being imaged. The project is currently expected to complete in November. The implementation for Human Resources was delayed a short bit, and should begin in mid-August.

In addition to our on-going implementations, the EDMS team has been developing an integrated workflow application. The first workflow applications will be focused on making indexing more efficient in the Campus AP and Payroll departments, but the long-term goal is a tool available for many different business needs.

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May, 2009

EDMS is now live at two new departments: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and Student Accounting! Student Accounting will utilize EDMS to image student loan and collections documents; EH&S plans to use EDMS for a variety of documents such as Radiation Safety and Hazardous Waste manifests. The implementations were performed simultaneously, but stayed on schedule and have been well-received.

Upcoming implementations include Human Resources, and Purchasing and Business Contracts. In addition, the project team is exploring new procedures and technologies to make some of our existing implementations even more efficient. More information to come in the following months.

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February, 2009

The EDMS team spent the short month of February doing Analysis and Design for two new departments: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and Student Accounting. Both departments will be trained during March and should have their solutions in production by mid-April. The project is also close to submitting a rate structure to the campus rate committee which will allow additional departments to utilize EDMS. The rate would be effective in the new fiscal year.

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January, 2009

UCDHS Finance has gone live with EDMS! This new solution allows each of the four Finance groups (General Accounting, Budget, Decision Support, and Government Reimbursement) to scan and index their own unique documents. In addition, users will be able to import electronic documents directly into EDMS without printing and scanning hard copies.

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December, 2008

UCDHS Finance is now a couple months into their implementation and have entered the training and testing phase – they should be live by the end of January.

Upcoming implementations include Environmental Health and Safety, Student Accounting, and Police and Fire. Check back next month for more updates!

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October, 2008

UCDHS Payroll is now live! They are now scanning all new employee documents and hard-copy timecards. Timecard indexing was almost completely automated through the use of OCR and Database Lookups. After just a few days, they have already scanned an entire pay cycle worth of documents!

Planning has begun for our next implementations: Occupational Health and UCDHS Finance. Stay tuned for more updates.

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September, 2008

The campus Payroll department is now live with EDMS! Starting 9/29/08, Payroll is able to scan, index and instantly retrieve Employee Files and Payment documents. The system was also designed to accommodate a large back-filing project: imaging all existing employee file paper documents. This will eventually eliminate well over 2,000,000 pieces of paper from the department.

The UCDHS Payroll department is not far behind – both the Configuration and Training phases were completed this month. October will bring their Go-Live… and the start of a new department’s implementation!

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August, 2008

Analysis and Design for the Campus Payroll implementation was completed this month. The project is currently in Build and Test phase, which will be finished in early September. Go-Live is on pace for mid-September.

The UCDHS Payroll is almost complete with their Analysis and Design. Most of September will be spent with their Build and Test, and their Go-Live is also on schedule for early October.

Lastly, the Accounts Payable implementation is now complete! With a coordinated and well-executed effort by multiple departments, the DaFIS Decision Support (DS) Integration went Live on August 28th. Users campus-wide are now able to see imaged Accounts Payable documents directly from DS.

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July, 2008

The month of July was spent ensuring the successful operation of Campus and UCDHS Accounts Payable EDMS solutions. Both have been running smoothly since go-live. At the end of the first month of operation, over 17,000 documents containing over 50,000 pages have been successfully imaged.

The end of July marked the kick-off of the Campus Payroll EDMS implementation. This project, and the UCDHS Payroll which will follow shortly behind, are expected to take three months to complete. August will be an exciting and busy month for the EDMS project.

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June, 2008

Major milestones completed in the month of June included:

  • System Build
  • System Test
  • End User Training

These tasks culminated in the UCD Health Systems AP going live with EDMS on June 26th and the Davis campus AP going live on June 27th. The aggressive project timeline was met and the go-live was successful!

Within the first two days of go-live, 1097 documents with 3384 pages were scanned into the system.

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May, 2008

The month of May was spent completing a detailed project plan and configuration documents for the Accounts Payable department on the Davis campus and the AP department at UCDMC. The project plan included all the major design decisions used to build and test the system.

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April, 2008

The project moved into the first Discovery phase with the Accounts Payable departments on the Davis campus and UCD Health Center. During this time, we were determining the optimal configuration for the EDMS software and hardware to attain the goals of the two AP departments and to allow a link between EDMS and DaFIS.

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March, 2008

Project begins.

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November, 2007

Contract executed.

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