Departments IT Contacts


Dept. IT Contacts  (Authorized Requestors)

A&FS Accounts Payable UCD

Michael Kuhner

A&FS Payroll

Cindy Jones, Melody Benson, Theresa Schumacher, Kathy Stuhr

A&FS Capital Asset Accounting

Susan Moore, Courtney Finn

A&FS Internal Control

Maureen Pigozzo

A&FS Extramural Fund Accounting

James Ringo

A&FS General Accounting

Courtney Finn, Cassidy Tanasse

A&FS Material Management

Katie Jaramillo, Jennifer Carmichael, Phil Lacey, Tracy Hunter

A&FS Student Accounting

Ileana Acevedo, Ronda Papas

EH&S: Safety Services

Gerry Westcott, Patty Hodge, Joseph Robert Menke

Graduate Studies

Eli Richmond (Tech), David Scott (Tech), Brian Gallagher, Deanna Ljohki, Kellie Butler

Human Resources

Betsy Archer, Marion Randell, Cris Horgan, Holly Sochor

Occupational Health

Melissa Brown


Mark Spangler

SSC - Finance

Sara Reed, Megan Villasenor, Laura Townsley, Christin M Espinoza


Sara Reed, Megan Villasenor, John Mueller, Christin M Espinoza

SSC - Payroll

Sara Reed, Megan Villasenor, Teri Sugai, Christin M Espinoza

University Relations: Advancement Services

Jessica Macaluso, Melissa Ivanuvich

UCDHS Accounts Payable

Lana Tymoshcheko, Cecilla Labrado

UCDHS Payroll

Lana Tymoshcheko, Cecilla Labrado

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