Benefits of EDMS

EDMS provides a wide variety of tangible and intangible benefits to UC Davis academic and administrative departments. Benefits may vary depending on the tools already in use by a department, the volume of document retained, and the nature of the documents. The following chart shows some of the common benefits and goals of implementing EDMS:

Scenario: No existing document management system
Benefit Potential Savings
Ability to store paper documents in an electronic format Direct
Improved customer service through faster and more accurate record retrieval Direct
Ability to annotate and redact documents without making copies or altering originals Direct
Increased security and access controls to sensitive documents Indirect
Reduction of lost or misfiled documents Indirect
Ability to better follow document retention and destruction policies Indirect
Free up additional office space by eliminating paper filing cabinets Direct
Maintain compliance with HIPAA and Cyber Security Indirect
No in-house staff required to implement or support the software and infrastructure Direct
Scenario: Department already has a document management system
Benefit Potential Savings
Utilize an enterprise-wide solution with 20 implementation on campus Direct
Eliminate vendor and in-house support needs Direct
All software and server maintenance is hosted by the project Direct
Gain new features normally cost-prohibitive: i.e. OCR, integrations, etc. Direct
Ensure proper image security and controls Indirect
Leverage enterprise-level backup and redundancy strategies Direct
Maintain compliance with HIPAA and Cyber Security Indirect

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