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What Is Bulk Mail?

The term "bulk mail" refers to large quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage rates.

The Postal Service offers a discounted rate only when certain standards are followed. Bulk Mail Services (BMS) is authorized to use unique software and equipment that conforms to those requirements.

To qualify for bulk mail rates, you must have a minimum or 500 identical pieces for first class mail, or 200 identical pieces for standard/non-profit mail.

Why Use Bulk Mail Services?

We can make your bulk mail processing painless:

  1. No purchase orders to create
  2. No invoices to process
  3. No sales tax to pay
  4. Free pickup and delivery service
  5. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Committed to Customer Service

BMS has been committed to providing exceptional customer service to the campus community for years:

  • Working with departments and business partners to maximize savings by ensuring that mailings receive the highest discount and comply with postal regulations
  • Shopping outside vendors quarterly to ensure we have lower prices for mail preparation
  • Understanding your needs as they relate to academic requirements and university policy
We are genuinely concerned with the quality of your final product.

Check out the Bulk Mail Services brochure for more information on the services we offer.


Mailing Lists

  • List Maintenance
    Bulk Mail Services (BMS) can maintain your mailing lists for you. The lists can be tailored and modified to fit your mailing needs.
  • Import Data
    For departments that maintain their own mailing lists, BMS is able to accept your lists in any of the following formats: 

    • Send the list as an attachment via email to bms@ucdavis.edu
    • Provide the file on a CD-Rom or flash drive

    Preferred formats include Excel, Access and CSV.

  • Duplication Deletion
    Our postal software is capable of checking for duplicate addresses. This is particularly handy when two or more lists are combined to create a new mailing list. Eliminating duplications will reduce complaints and save you money.
  • Mailing List Hygiene
    In order to receive the discounts, BMS must comply with USPS standards as they relate to mailing list hygiene. In addition to standardizing all address formats, BMS must also verify recipient names and addresses through CASS certification, DPV or NCOA.
  • Address Change Service
    We encourage the use of this postal service to receive the updated delivery addresses for your mailing lists. By signing up for this service you can significantly reduce your return mail postage expenses. Please contact Bulk Mail Services for more information at bms@ucdavis.edu.


Mail Piece Preparation

  • Folding
    Bulk Mail Services (BMS) offers various types of machine folding:
    • half fold (also known as a single fold) for flyers and posters
    • two-way fold
    • letter or Z fold
    Hand folding is also available for any material that cannot be machine folded.
  • Inserting
    BMS can machine insert 1 to 6 items into a #10 envelope. When ordering envelopes for this purpose, please purchase those with squared flaps. Please note that thin material and odd cut sizes can be difficult to machine insert.
  • Stapling and Tabbing
    Stapled materials can cause problems with our folding machines, as well as the automated systems at the Post Office. For this reason, tabbing is preferable for closing mailed items. BMS has tabbing equipment and can tab your material quickly and efficiently.
  • Sorting, Sacking and Permit Preparation
    BMS can help you meet all the requirements for sorting and preparing your bulk mailings. We also take care of the postage permit that must accompany all Standard and Periodical Class mailings or any First Class mailing.

    Some departments may choose to prepare their own bulk mailings, but using the professional services of BMS will help your department maximize postal discounts. We can also assist by sorting and printing envelopes so that you can insert them yourself.

    Bulk mailings should not be taken directly to a U.S. Post Office. BMS will submit them on behalf of your department.

Other Bulk Mail Services

Bulk Mail Services offers additional services, including:

  • matching and collating
  • counting and bundling multiple copies
  • sealing
  • UPS preparation
  • packaging
  • pick up and delivery services; call Special Services at 752-9309



All labels generated by Bulk Mail Services (BMS) are guaranteed to have excellent print quality that meets postal addressing requirements. We maintain inventories of pressure sensitive labels and computer paper, so you don't have to provide them. We also have a variety of envelopes available. Please contact us for more on our envelope options.

There are two types of labeling services available at the BMS:

  • Inkjet Addressing
    This is our most economical and efficient labeling option. Instead of generating a label, our inkjet sprays the addresses directly onto the mail piece and gives us the ability to produce near laser quality print. To use this option, please provide your mailing addresses on a computer disc or send the file to bms@ucdavis.edu.
  • Lasered Pressure Sensitive Labels
    These labels are printed on 8.5" x 11" sheets that are fed through an HP laser printer. This type of label allows more flexibility in font selections; but they must be applied by hand. Note: This option is limited to 8 lines of address information.

We also offer free material storage for those departments that have monthly recurring jobs. We have helped departments prepare a variety of unusual projects, including event invitations, program marketing, and promotional items. Contact us and let us know how we can help your department!


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We want to alert you to an active email scam involving purchase orders and email requests for product quotes that purport to originate from UC Davis, but are in fact fraudulent. While the university cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate these fraudulent email contacts. To verify authenticity of an order, please contact Contracting Services at (530) 752-0370.