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box info graphicEffective August 1, 2011, daily mail service provided to campus by Mail Services' will be curtailed in response to campus budget reductions.  Mail service to UCDHS departments will remain the same. Based on campus geography some departments will receive mail service three days a week, while others will receive twice weekly mail service. To determine your departmental service days please contact Mail Services at 752-9182 since routes and schedules may continue to be refined to improve efficiency. Be advised that there will be occasions when campus holidays will adversely impact scheduled mail service. In addition, the timing of delivering separation checks, financial instruments, shipments, and other time-sensitive materials may require modifications to your current business practices.

To minimize the effect of reduced mail service we have installed several collection boxes. Outgoing interoffice and U.S. Mail deposited in those collection boxes by 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday, will be processed within the same business day. Mail can also be delivered to, or will call pick-up arranged at, Mail Services. We encourage departments to transmit documents electronically whenever possible.

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PO Email Fraud Alert

We want to alert you to an active email scam involving purchase orders and email requests for product quotes that purport to originate from UC Davis, but are in fact fraudulent. While the university cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate these fraudulent email contacts. To verify authenticity of an order, please contact Contracting Services at (530) 752-0370.