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A new outbound shipment tool, called AggieShip, is coming in 2018!  This new shipment tool will be carrier agnostic, which means that you will have the option of choosing from more than one carrier for your shipping needs. There will be the option of using FedEx, UPS or DHL.  We are hopeful that this new shipping tool will greatly reduce the efforts associated with shipping.

The new tool will also give the user the ability to ship limited hazardous materials and international packages without a vendor invoice.  There will be a required completion of a UC Learning Center online course, which will assist in driving compliance with state and federal regulations on training.

Why a New System?

There are three major reasons for the upcoming AggieBuy implementation:

  • Meet New Shipping Regulations. There are new governmental regulations regarding international and hazardous shipping, and the new system will ensure that the university is compliant with these regulations, including those for hazardous materials shipping.
  • Utilize University Agreement Benefits. Existing shipping processes don't always allow departments to take advantage of the benefits of the university agreements, which results in higher costs and unnecessary administrative overhead.   
  • Ensure Compatibility with Latest Technology.  The FedEx online shipment tool has served UC Davis well for many years, but it has become more difficult to continue supporting an online system that is now dated.  The new system will be fully compliant with today's IT standards.

Benefits of AggieShip

There will be multiple benefits, for the various types of customers and shipments:

  • More Shipper Options. Many of our university customers have requested more flexibility in the "choice" of third-party carrier, and this new system will provide that, allowing users to select FedEx, UPS, or DHL for their outbound shipping needs.
  • Allows for Hazardous Material Shipments.  There is a growing need for shipment of items identified as hazardous. The new system will ensure that hazardous materials can be shipped, while being in compliance of applicable regulations and required training.
  • Allows for International Shipments.  Built-in export controls will give UC Davis customers the option to ship internationally, while ensuring that the applicable governmental regulations are met.
  • Reduces Administrative Costs and Processing. Having more shipper options means not having to process and approve KFS Requisitions and Payment Requests and/or Disbursement Vouchers.  It gives administrative staff one central location for processing outbound shipments, and removes the confusion/frustration with having to determine "how" and "where" a shipment can be processed/paid.
  • New Reporting and Data Options/Visibility.   Department managers and fiscal officers will have more visibility into their organizational shipping activity.

What Types of Shipments Will AggieShip Accommodate?

  • Federal Express, UPS and DHL carrier options
  • Domestic express and ground shipments
  • International shipments
  • Domestic hazardous materials shipping (dry ice, infectious substances, category B)

What Won't Be Accommodated?

Radioactive shipping won't be part of AggieShip.  Shipping of radioactive items will need to continue to go through Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

Will Training Be Available?

Training and online help resources will be available for learning how you can maximize use of AggieShip.  Training won't be required for general use, however, it will be required before access is granted for shipping international and hazardous materials.

Accessing AggieShip

AggieShip will be available to UC Davis employees/affiliates via AggieBuy, using their UC Davis campus login ID and Kerberos password. Initial access will allow for shipping domestic ground and express shipments of non-hazardous materials.

Contact Us

Contact us with questions at aggieship@ucdavis.edu; we look forward to improving your outbound shipping experience.

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