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Furniture Program: Rates

Previously the Furniture Program applied a mark-up to all furniture purchases that covered overhead, labor, and administrative costs associated with processing furniture orders such as:  field measurement/space planning meetings, design/finish selection, order placement, invoice payment, receiving, and delivery. In addition to the mark-up a $54 per hour recharge rate was assessed for customized drawings involving the use of design software programs.

THE NEW RATE eliminates all product markups by moving to a straight hourly rate of $59 (billed in quarterly hour increments of $14.75/QTR HR) for all time spent working with customers on their furniture orders such as, chair fittings, field measurement/space planning meetings, design/finish selection, order placement and invoice payment. The delivery and assembly component of furniture orders will be billed at the hourly rate of $63 ($15.75/QTR HR).

For questions involving furniture installation, please contact Albert Miller at 752-9309.  For all other questions, please contact the Furniture Program Manager, Katie Jaramillo, at 757-8707.

United Corporate Furnishings (UCF): Rates

The Furniture Program works in conjunction with the contracted Steelcase vendor, UCF, to coordinate office furniture purchases.  When assisting campus customers, UCF uses their approved contracted rate to bill for design and project management (PM). The Special Services unit on campus is used in most cases to complete delivery and installation.  If requested, UCF can provide a quote for installation and is billed at prevailing wage rates.    

Through December 31, 2017
Design - $65 per hour 
PM - $75 per hour

January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018
Design - $70 per hour 
PM - $75 per hour

July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Design - $72.50 per hour 
PM - $75 per hour

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