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Furniture Program: Services Timelines

Steelcase Catalog in AggieBuy

Items displayed in the Steelcase punch-out catalog in AggieBuy are manufactured as they are ordered, and require three to six weeks for factory production and another one to two weeks for shipping, receiving and delivery to the end user. High end wood furnishings, many non-standard items, and expensive lounge seating may require as much as eight to ten weeks for manufacture and delivery. The design process for design projects can take from one to three weeks.

Please begin the procurement process early enough to allow time to fulfill your needs and meet your timelines.

General timelines are as follows:

  • 5-6 weeks: For chair orders and other freestanding type items.
  • 8-10 weeks: For private office setups and modular workstations.

OfficeDepot HON Furniture in AggieBuy

HON Furniture in the AggieBuy OfficeDepot catalog is stocked in local warehouses. Although the selection is limited compared to the Steelcase made to order items, these items are generally available within 5 days of order placement.

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