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Furniture Program

The Furniture Program supports the UCOP system-wide primary agreement for standard office furniture contract with Steelcase.  This contract offers all UC campuses deep discounts and provides a wide range of quality and price points that meet most campus needs. 

In addition to the Steelcase contract, there are other furniture agreements available to meet varying needs.  The HON line is considered a low-cost option for stand-alone items and can be ordered through the Furniture Program or on UCD Buy.  Specialized agreements relating to ergonomic items are also an option.  For questions about what is available through these agreements, please contact the Furniture Program.

Buying Office Furniture

There are a few different ways to purchase office furniture:

  1. Furniture Program:  Contact us and we can help with any project ranging from a single chair, single office, or cubicle system.  The Steelcase factory manufactures furniture upon order so product lead time ranges from 4-6 weeks. 
  2. UCD Buy: 
  • Use the Furniture Stock catalogue to order chairs and keyboard trays.  The Furniture Program will deliver these items within 3-5 business days.
  • The UC Value catalogue has a wide variety of seating and storage options that can be customized with different fabrics and finishes.  These orders take 15-18 business days for delivery.
  • The Office Max catalogue contains a variety of HON furniture items that provide a lower cost option.  These items will ship direct to your location within 5-8 business days.  Additional assembly may be required.
  1. Low-Value Purchasing Delegation:  Departments can spend up to $500 (including tax and shipping) to make a furniture purchase that is outside of an existing furniture agreement.  These purchases cannot be divided to remain under the $500 limit.  

All questions about furniture purchasing options should be directed to the Furniture Program at furniture@ucdavis.edu.

Note: All non-office furniture purchases should be processed through Purchasing on a Requisition through KFS. Examples of such items include, but are not limited to, laboratory and archival open shelving, coffee/end tables, couches and sofas, outdoor furniture, laboratory casework, and computer lab work surfaces.

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