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Document Shredding

There are three options for using the shredding service for destroying outdated records, described below:

Using a Destruction Date

When you submit your boxes for storage, you have the option to indicate a destruction date. This is especially convenient for records with a specific retention requirement. When the destruction date for a specific box approaches, the account administrators will receive e-mail notification. At that time, you can choose to change the destruction date, or respond with authorization to destroy the records. The records will be pulled and shredded on the destruction date. When shredding is completed, the account administrators will receive a certificate of destruction.

Destruction Request - Stored Boxes

You also have the option to request the destruction of your stored documents, at whatever point they become obsolete. As with the pre-set destruction date, when your documents have been destroyed, a certificate of destruction will be sent to the account administrators.

Destruction Request - Non-stored Boxes

Even if you do not use the document storage service, you can still use our shredding service. Material is typically picked up free of charge at the time of mail service. Expedited service or large volume pick-ups may incur fees through Special Services at their published rate.

When we pick the material up we will provide you a signed chain of custody form documenting the pickup. Once we pick up all of your boxes we will shred the material and e-mail you a certificate of destruction.

The rate for shredding documents not in our storage is $0.18 per pound. To initiate a drop-off of a rolling shred bin or a pick-up, simply complete our online form noting whether it is a drop-off or pick-up along with the type of container preferred (i.e. 95 gallon rolling tote, boxes, etc.) 

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