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Central Storehouse: About Us

Our Mission

We stock and sell goods to complement those offered through campus Strategic Sourcing agreements. Such items are stocked to satisfy campus requirements timely and/or to minimize the University's cost and effort in the process of ordering, receipt and payment of invoices.

Our Services

The Central Storehouse items available for delivery to the campus and Medical Center, include:

  • tax-free ethyl alcohol
  • compressed gas cylinders
  • service awards
  • hazardous material packaging
  • gloves
  • telephones

How to Buy

Storehouse items can be purchased in UCD Buy by selecting the Central Storehouse catalog. Upon request, the Central Storehouse also places special orders for items not found on UCD Buy.

Compressed Gas Cylinder

Compressed gas cylinders are available for purchase via the Central Storehouse catalog in UCD Buy. If the desired gas type is not available, please make a request via Special Order "Gases" and we will process your order.

Demurrage (daily cylinder rental fee), of $.22/calendar day, begins the date of delivery and ends the date the cylinder is returned to Storehouse. Rent is charged monthly. Any account changes to existing cylinder rental must be requested by 5pm on the day before the last day of the month.

To return a compressed gas cylinder please submit a Cylinder Return Request form and place your cylinder in your "empty" cylinder cage with one copy of the return form.

Please email afs-cylinders@ad3.ucdavis.edu for more information.

Delivery and Returns

Please review the Central Storehouse delivery and return policies in UCD Buy. A Returned Merchandise Authorization Form and a copy of the packing slip are required with all returns.

Damaged goods may be exchanged for identical items if they are returned in the original vendor package within 7 calendar days of receipt unless the vendor policy is more restrictive.

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