Free E-waste Drop-off

Campus Units Only


>>Download the Free E-waste Drop-off Flyer

When: Thursday, October 19 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Where: Hopkins Services Complex @ 615 Hopkins Rd. (across from the University airport)

Please remove items from original packaging or small boxes. Per PPM 310-22, departments are required to wipe all hard drives of sensitive information prior to drop off.

Items Accepted

Items Accepted: Non-functioning, University owned desktop (or smaller) electronic items such as:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Monitors, keyboards and mice
  • Phones, printers and faxes
  • PDA’s, projectors, TV, DVD
  • UPS units – batteries need to be removed. Contact EH&S for battery

Not accepted* for drop off are:

  • Items with UCD property stickers (contact Aggie Surplus)
  • Items that require decommissioning (e.g., containing oil or refrigerant) such as refrigerators, air conditioners.
  • Household batteries (place in campus mail for disposal)
  • Lamps/light bulbs (contact EH&S for disposal)
  • UPS batteries (contact EH&S)
  • Printer toners (place in campus mail)
  • Items that contain or once contained hazardous waste (EH&S)
  • Household Appliances such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, washers, dryers, water heaters (contact Aggie Surplus)
  • Wood, including wood encased stereo speakers (Aggie Surplus)
  • All mercury containing devices (Contact EH&S)
  • Techno Trash, such as CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes (garbage)
  • Pressurized containers such as fire extinguishers & propane tanks (contact EH&S)
  • All Hazardous Waste including: paint, pesticides, oil (EH&S)

**We reserve the right to refuse any item.

Please prepare your items as follows:

  • Please remove items from their original packaging
  • Do not place items in small boxes
  • Batteries must be removed from the casing on UPS units

Large drop-offs: If you plan on dropping off a large quantity (50 or more items), please let us know so that we can plan accordingly.

Call (530) 752-2145 or e-mail for other eligibility questions.

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