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Aggie Surplus supports sustainability by repurposing excess campus and UCDHS equipment, furniture, and supplies. Previously, a service fee of $59 plus an additional 30% was recharged to each item sold.  As a 100% self-supporting unit, the cost covered the labor and administrative costs.  Additionally, departments were not charged for the transportation of marketable items to Aggie Surplus. 

 The new rate moves to a tiered structure that is listed below.  The transportation of items to Aggie Surplus is now performed by Special Services and subject to their quarter-hour rate of $15.75.  Departments will still have the option to deliver items on their own by scheduling in advance with the Aggie Surplus staff. 






For questions regarding the new Aggie Surplus rate please contact the Aggie Surplus Manager, Katie Jaramillo, at 757-8707 or

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