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Aggie Surplus: Storage and Disposal Tips

The following tips are offered to help with safeguarding your surplus items, ensuring safety, and making pick-up efficient.

Note: Aggie Surplus also accepts drop-offs on a pre-scheduled basis.

  • If possible, do not request a pick-up for only one item. Waiting to schedule a pick-up for multiple items will save overall labor charges.
  • Keep excess items from being stored or staged on loading docks, trash enclosures, in hallways or outside of buildings. Such items are subject to theft and vandalism, and often create safety, hazardous waste, and/or fire issues.
  • Contact Aggie Surplus about adding items to an existing work order. Inventorial items must be cleared by Equipment Management prior to pick-up. Additional items may require a new work order to be submitted.
  • Do not add anything to the pick-up not already pre-approved by Aggie Surplus without contacting Aggie Surplus in advance. All inventory items need to be cleared through Equipment Management prior to pick-up. If inventorial items are added (and not included on the list to pick-up) the driver will have to come back at a later date once these items have been cleared through Equipment Management.
  • Place items for pick-up in one area. Make them as easy as possible to get to. Keep property stickers easily visible. Because we charge for time spent, the easier it is to get to the faster the job can be done.
  • If we arrive, and are unable to complete the pick-up due to a locked door or out of service elevator, we'll have to reschedule and bill for the initial visit.
  • Be as precise as possible when describing items to be picked-up, e.g., weight and/or dimension for large items that may require two or more people to remove. If our driver arrives and is unable to safely remove the items, we will have to reschedule and will bill for the initial visit.
  • Make sure items for pick-up are in the location stated on the work order.

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