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Guidelines for Marketable Items

The following is offered as a rough guide for how Aggie Surplus determines the marketability of an item. Acceptance of items is subject to space availability, the current stock on hand and full approval of Aggie Surplus.

Item Age Condition Exceptions/Requirements
Appliances Flexible Fair to New Item must be in working order, or a non-working stainless steel item with scrap value
Computers 2002 and newer Fair to New Some non-working items are accepted for sale as "parts only" (i.e. laptops, some older computers, those without HD's and/or RAM)
Cords/Cables Flexible Fair to New Cords must be sorted and untangled
Faxes and Scanners 2002 and newer Fair to New
Furniture Flexible Fair to New Not accepted: cubicles, mattresses, metal L-shaped desks, or overhead binder bins
Keyboards/mice Fair to New USB style only; not accepted: PS2'S
Lab Items Flexible Fair to New No obsolete items, or items missing software
Miscellaneous Electronics
(i.e pda's, cell phones, projectors)
Flexible Fair to New Not accepted: hard drives, cordless phones
Monitors Fair to New LCD only; necessary power supply must be included
Printer Cartridges Not Expired New items can be sent via intercampus mail
Printers, Copiers, MFP's 2002 and newer Fair to New Printers are accepted, subject to space availability; Not accepted: copiers or MFP's (since we cannot verify that the hard drive has been cleared, we cannot sell these items)
Servers 2006 and newer Fair to New Large units in racks must stay on view in the department: Not accepted: Sun brand servers

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