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Guide for Separation of Duties with New Ledger Review Process (July 2015)

With the help of the GL Task Force a new Ledger Review System has been developed to officially start with the July 2015 ledgers to assist departments in reviewing their accounts on a monthly basis. The new Ledger Review System is a tool that will help Fiscal Officers focus on high risk/high value transactions as well as help highlight any unusual activity. 

The review will also incorporate the Payroll Ledger Review. In order to maintain the separation of duties in the payroll process the fiscal officer can no longer be the PPS/OPTRS primary preparer or the mandatory reviewer.  In addition, KFS will enforce separation of duties by ensuring the initiator and approver are different individuals for financial transactions. Forced routing will not be implemented for Budget Adjustments (BAs), Pre-Encumbrances (PEs) or maintenance documents. The attached matrices have been designed to assist you in structuring proper separation of duties for your department while complying with the new Ledger Review System. It is the departments' responsibility to ensure that appropriate controls are in place and there is separation of duties to reduce the risk of improper activities.

The attached matrices includes examples of possible structures.  Your department may structure your separation of duties differently as long as you maintain proper separation of duties per policies:

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