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Creating a New Gift/Endowment Account

New accounts are created in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). From the Main Menu, Chart of Accounts channel, click on the Account link. Next, click on the Create New button to start a new account from scratch. Follow the guidelines below to ensure proper information is entered in these critical fields.

  Field/Action Details
1. UC Fund Number When establishing new gift accounts for a new gift fund, please use the campus assigned default gift UC fund number 90000 so it can easily be identified as being associated with a new fund.
2. Account Title The account title should briefly describe the account purpose.
3. Account Purpose The account purpose field is used to describe in detail the donor intended use of the gift funds. A complete and accurate account purpose will facilitate the selection of an appropriate account to which a gift can be posted. It will also aid in determining whether an expense transaction is appropriate on a particular account. The account purpose field should include a description of all restrictions placed on the gifts that will be recorded to that account so reviewers and approvers of financial and budgetary transactions can determine whether the expense is allowable on the particular gift fund and in accordance with the donor's wishes.

NOTE: The term "various donors" should not be referenced in the account title or included in the account purpose description. A gift fund/account may receive gifts from multiple donors as long as the donor's intent for the activity/function the donation is to support matches that of the gift fund. It is the donor's intended purpose for the usage of the funds that is critical.

4. UC Account It is important to associate the appropriate UC account with any new KFS account that is established for a gift fund. Generally, donation accounts are restricted for general departmental research and instruction and a higher education function code of INST is appropriate (UC accounts beginning with "40"). If university sponsored projects are conducted within the gift fund, then the higher education function code of ORES would be appropriate (UC accounts beginning with "44").
5. Document Approval

New gift accounts created in response to a gift or pledge that has been received will not be approved by Accounting & Financial Reporting (A&FR) until Advancement Services or UCD Foundation submits a new fund request with back-up documentation to A&FR.  This ensures that the donor intended purpose is recorded properly.  If the gift has been received through the Foundation, include the Foundation allocation number in the document description.  New gift accounts created for addition to the web giving site, where the initiating unit has determined the purpose, can be approved once the account doc has routed to A&FR.  A note should be added to the account document identifying the account as being intended for web giving.

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