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Award Management Checklists & Forms

These checklists will help with award management.

  • New Award Checklist (PDF or Word)
  • Award Closeout Checklist (PDF or Word)

Cost share contribution reports must be compiled and generated in the Cost Share Tracking System.  There are a few exceptions where cost share cannot be captured in the system and manual reporting is required.  Use this form for manual reporting only when directed by CGA staff.

The Department Pre-Approval Form should be used to document the necessary approvals prior to making payroll cost transfers.  Transfers to federal awards must be processed within 120 days from the close of the ledger in which the original expense posted.  Read the cost transfer policy for more information. There are rare exceptions where payroll transfers are allowed after 120 days with CGA approval.  For situations where exceptions may be warranted, consult with the CGA fund manager for the award prior to completing the form.

Effort Reporting Forms

Use these forms to request new permissions.

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