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W-9 Instructions

As part of onboarding vendors, we require a W-9 from anyone that we add to the vendor database.  This not only covers any potential tax requirements, but it assists us in validating identity and ensuring that we do not duplicate records.

The Vendor Desk will ask the vendor/individual for a W-9 when a new record is added.  Here are the basics of how this process works:

  • Department creates a new vendor request
  • The vendor desk will approve the request as inactive, until the W-9 has been received from the vendor; the initiator will receive the FYI
  • The vendor desk will send a request to the vendor, with instructions on how to upload the W-9
  • When the vendor uploads the W-9, the vendor desk will update the record and activate it
  • The original initiator will receive an FYI that the vendor is now active and ready to be used

If you prefer visual aids, we also have a flow chart of the process.

If you receive a W-9

While it is preferable that the vendor desk requests the W-9 from the vendor/individual, we understand that there are situations where it is easier and more comfortable for the payee if the department collects the W9.  Examples are Human Subjects and speakers receiving Honoraria payments.  In these cases, you can assist with the W-9 upload form

You will need a vendor ID from KFS, so it is best if you can process the vendor request in advance.  Just make note on the vendor request that you will be receiving the W-9 in person, so we do not also request it.

Coming soon - a secure fax option for submitting those W-9 that you receive in person.

Security is paramount!

Just remember that W-9 with Social Security Numbers are personal information that requires protection.  If you have been provided a W-9 by an individual, once it is uploaded make sure it is destroyed or securely stored.  We recommend that you consult with your local computer support to ensure that any electronic W-9 files have been appropriately secured or destroyed.


If you have any questions about vendor onboarding or W-9 requirements, contact the Vendor Desk.