Editing an Existing Vendor

The following instructions are for adding a new address to a vendor (the most common update).  Other updates can be made to the vendor record, based upon the purpose of the update and the information that you have available.

Please note, the following are NOT reasons to add a new address, if all other information for the address matches an existing address:

  • Adding a customer number – there is a separate tab for that, so it can be added independent of the address
  • Slight difference in the name – common occurrences are full name vs. acronym, with/without business designation (e.g., INC, LLC)
  • Attention lines


Complete these fields …

What to know …

Document Overview Tab



  • This is a required field for all KFS documents
  • Put a basic description, such as “Updating vendor Acme Construction”

Address Tab


Address Type

  • Select the type that corresponds to how you plan to use this address (e.g., PO for purchasing, Remit for payment)


Vendor Address Name

  • Does not have to be the same as the Vendor name, if they are doing business under another name – but you should be sure it is the same business


Address Lines

  • Minimum for US address: Address 1, City, State, Postal Code; use other fields as needed
  • Minimum for Foreign: Address 1, City and Country; use other fields as needed
  • Use official USPS abbreviations and avoid punctuation (e.g., use PO BOX, not P.O. BOX)
  • ALL CAPS not required, but preferred by USPS

Vendor Phone Number

  • Required for each address

Email Address

  • Required for each address

Add button

  • Click this in order to add the address to the record
  • Continue to create as many addresses as needed

When completed, submit document for routing to the vendor desk.  You will receive an FYI of the document, in your action list, when the vendor record has been added.