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New Contact Email Address for Strategic Sourcing!

Strategic Sourcing has a brand-new email address, that can be used for contacting us with questions and suggestions about the Strategic Sourcing program.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Strategic Sourcing is a UC systemwide collaborative effort to drive value and increase customer satisfaction by enhancing product quality and service levels, while leveraging the UC buying power to significantly lower total costs. The combined strength realized by the joint purchasing power of all the UC campuses, medical centers, and labs deliver substantial pricing discounts from regional and national suppliers of commonly used commodities.

What We Do

The Strategic Sourcing team provides the following services for the UC Davis campus:

  • Local Area Strategic Sourcing
  • E-Procurement (AggieBuy/UCD Buy) Agreement Coordination
  • UC Davis Small Business Program Coordination
  • UC Strategic Sourcing Coordination
  • Read about our Six Step Methodology
Where Are Strategic Sourcing Agreements Located?

Information on Specific Agreements

  • Zoom (Web Conferencing Agreement)

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