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In Class?  Click here to log into the AggieBuy Training Module.  The instructor will provide you with the login ID and password in class.

AggieBuy ProjectEnrollments for the online and classroom training are available in the UC Learning Center at .  After logging in, search on keyword AggieBuy to locate and enroll in the training that works best for you!

Class Name Target Audience Class Description PowerPoint PDF Exercises
AggieBuy Window Shoppers Window Shoppers Overview of what Window Shoppers can do in AggieBuy and how to set up optional defaults Window Shoppers N/A
AggieBuy Training Overview Requesters Classroom training is available, providing an overview of AggieBuy and then giving you a chance to get hands-on experience in the system. Overview
AggieBuy Approvers Approvers Classroom training will show you the various options you have as an AggieBuy approver, and what to look for while reviewing an AggieBuy Requisition. Approvers Coming Soon!
AggieBuy Department Administrator Department Administrator A pre-recorded training module in the UC Learning Center will provide you with an overview of the roles/responsibilities of the Department Administrator. Department Administrator N/A

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