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UC Davis Procurement and Contracting Services strives to ensure that university purchases meet or exceed the university’s Sustainability goals.    To this end, our UC Davis e-procurement system, AggieBuy, has been designed to maximize your purchasing dollars, while minimizing impact to the environment.

Using the Product Search on the AggieBuy Home Page

In the search results, use the Product Flags filter on the left side of the screen to narrow your results to those items that are best for the environment:

--Recyclable (identified with a chasing arrows symbol):  Includes commodities that can be recycled through established recycling programs.  This flag is used for any environmentally friendly item - from products used in green chemistry programs to recycled office products.

--Green (identified with a tree symbol): Includes commodities that are easier on the environment than their equivalent counterparts. For example, the green indicator identifies commodities that have earned the Energy Star designation.  These products are usually more energy-efficient and easier on the environment than products without this designation.

Save environmentally-preferable items as “favorites” by clicking on the Add Favorite link. Even better yet, create a Favorites folder for such items, perhaps with a name like “Environmentally-Preferable Items.” This can make it much easier for locating these items in the future!

Other Suggestions for Sustainable Purchasing in AggieBuy

--“Bundle” orders whenever possible. If you currently place three separate orders a week in AggieBuy, consider placing just one large order a week. This can significantly reduce the number of necessary shipments and also allows for greater packaging efficiency/more items per package.

--Consider non-chemical alternatives whenever possible.

--Purchase in bulk when possible.

Please visit our Buying Green page html to learn more about sustainable purchasing at UC Davis!

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