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Each department has one or more AggieBuy Department Administrators. Department Administrators identify and assign/edit employees in their department with Requester, Department Approver, and Organization Reviewer roles.

Responsibilities of Department Administrators

  • Use the AggieBuy Roles Application to ensure that the appropriate roles of Requester (required), Department Approver (optional), and Organization Reviewer (optional) are assigned to users in their department
  • Make sure at least one other departmental staff member is also set up with the Department Administrator role in AggieBuy.
  • Before leaving the department, assign the Department Administrator role to your successor.
  • Contact the AggieBuy Help Desk at to request removal of a Department Administrator role.
  • Set up and manage Shared Cart User Groups and Shared Favorites
  • Review Shipping Addresses for Department to ensure they are correct; contact AggieBuy Help Desk if new one needs to be added
  • At least twice a year, review the list of Requesters, Department Approvers, and Organization Reviewers in their department.

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