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Our AggieBuy Help Desk assists customers on a variety of topics.  Below are the current issues for which users have inquired.  Last Updated: Wednesday 8/16/17


AggieBuy Department Administrators can now assign Affiliates as AggieBuy users using the AggieBuy Roles Application.

Approval Emails If you aren't already logged in to AggieBuy, the link in the message will not work.  You can access the system at
Approval Email Code If you are an approver in AggieBuy, you can set up a security code that will allow you to approve orders via email!
Cart Assignees and Department Approvers Users won’t show up in list of available assignees or approvers, until they’ve logged in for the first time.  In other words, I can't assign Joe Smith as a cart assignee unless Joe has previously logged in to AggieBuy.
Cart Names Give your shopping cart a special "name" to make it easier for fiscal officers and delegates to know which ones they should approve.  For example, if delegate Marie Ramos approves Professor Hart's orders, naming the shopping cart, "Dr Hart Order 10-30-16" can make it easier for Marie to know this is an order that she should approve.
Central Storehouse, Special Services, FedEx services still available in UCD Buy

These services will not be transitioning to AggieBuy.  UCD Buy can continue to be used for these catalogs/services.  Examples of items still available include:

  • Tax-Free Ethyl Alcohol
  • UCD Service Awards
  • Gas Cylinder Rentals
Chart H (Hospital) Accounts Use UCD Buy The OfficeMax-UCDMC catalog will continue to be available in UCD Buy for users who are purchasing items using Chart H (Hospital) accounts.  Chart S (School of Medicine) accounts should use AggieBuy for their purchasing.
Dell Punch-Out

Occasionally AggieBuy users might experience website issues, where the AggieBuy site or a supplier punch-out site (such as Dell) doesn't display correctly.  Refer to our guides for:

Invoices With Price Or Quantity Discrepancies from Original Purchase Order These invoices are manually reviewed and, as long as charges are appropriate, the invoices are approved and post to KFS.  Appropriate charges include shipping and handling charges for certain types of commodities, as indicated on our Shipping Information page.  Other discrepancies are corrected by the supplier issuing a Credit Memo in AggieBuy to credit the difference.
Neta and Life Tech (Invitrogen) Punch-Out Site Available in UCD Buy Each of these catalogs will eventually be available in AggieBuy, but until they are you can continue to use them in UCD Buy.
Office Depot (Max) Credit Memos now appearing in AggieBuy Office Depot (Max) Credit Memos are correctly being issued in AggieBuy for the return of items or adjustments for previously incorrect invoicing. 
Office Depot (Max) is a HOSTED Catalog Some users have been looking for Office Depot (Max) in the Punch-Out Suppliers section of AggieBuy, but it's not a punch-out catalog. Use the Product Search field at the top of the AggieBuy home page to search for items in the Office Depot (Max) catalog.
Receipt Creation For AggieBuy POs created between 11/7/16 and 5/22/17, receipt creation in AggieBuy is only possible if the associated AggieBuy order is still open. You can complete a Line Item Receiving document in KFS for the associated AggieBuy PO as needed for these POs.  For POs created since 5/22/17, receipt creation is possible at any time.
Separation of Duties AggieBuy automatically enforces Separation of Duties.  This includes ensuring that the person in the Requester role is NOT the same person in the approver role. In other words, if a fiscal officer is the Requester on a Requisition, one of their delegates will be required to approve the Requisition.  This is ALSO true if the Requester is placing the order on behalf of someone else: the person in the Requester role will NOT be able to approve the Requisition.
Shipping Address As a best practice, we recommend that you keep each of the fields in the Shipping Address section to 30 characters or less to ensure that all of the information can be properly displayed on the shipping labels.
Student Access

Effective 5/4/17, students who are not active employees (on active payroll status) can be assigned the Window Shopper role in AggieBuy by an AggieBuy Deparrtment Administrator.  See the AggieBuy Roles Application instruction page.

Student Employees (on active UCD payroll status) are automatically granted Window Shopper access.  

Sub-Account Field

--Sub-accounts with special characters (hyphens, etc.) are NOT allowed in AggieBuy. If you attempt to use a sub-account with a special character, the order will not submit to the supplier.  If you need to expense something to a sub-account with a special character, you will need to process a Distribution of Income and Expense document  in KFS to move the expense after it has posted to the ledger. 

--If you have only one sub-account assigned to an account, the sub-account field will auto-populate with that sub-account (but can be removed from field if not desired)

--Sub-Account field should be entered in the following format: chart hyphen account hyphen subaccount (e.g., 3-6620110-12345)


Having issues placing orders or things not working as they should? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide to get things back in good order in no time!

User Profile

--Avoid using Codes tab under Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults.  Use Code Favorites to set up your list of frequently-used accounts. 

--Phone Number:  If your phone # is not listed in the campus directory, the default directory # of 752-1011 will display on your AggieBuy orders.  We recommend adding your phone # in the online campus directory .


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