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Program Overview

The Procurement Card is a Visa corporate card program through US Bank that is administered by Procurement & Contracting Services. Though it resembles and works like a personal credit card, there are significant differences:

  • It is a charge or corporate procurement card rather than a credit card
  • Full liability rests with the university for immediate payment to the bank for all transactions
  • It is assigned by the bank to the employee but is issued in the name of and on the behalf of the university

The Procurement Card should not be confused with the university's US Bank Visa Corporate Card, which is intended for travel and entertainment expenses.


The program benefits UC Davis and delegated departmental buyers by:

  • Enabling prompt payment to suppliers
  • Eliminating purchase orders and invoices
  • Combining order, recording, and payment for goods at the point of sale

The Procurement Card provides campus employees who are delegated as departmental buyers with an effective tool to purchase and pay for routine, low dollar cost products.

The Procurement Card is issued to an individual, not to a department. The card and account number should not be used by anyone other than the person named on the card. Visit the Allowable Use page for specific usage guidelines.

Card Renewal

Procurement Cards are automatically reissued to all active cardholders prior to the expiration date-24 months following issue. You must complete refresher training every 12 months to remain an active cardholder.


If you recently received a replacement card, you may have noticed something new.  US Bank is now replacing expired P-Cards with EMV chip cards.  EMV is a globally accepted standard that uses an embedded microchip to protect against counterfeit fraud.  The packet with your new EMV chip card will explain what you can expect and how to use the card.  Please review this information carefully. US bank plans to have all of our non-chip P-Cards replaced with EMV chip cards by the end of 2017. For more information, please see US Bank FAQs. E-mail the P-Card Program if you have additional questions.


Learn about the recommended paying methods when purchasing commodities. View the chart.

Keeping Good Documentation/Require Receipts

Always obtain the appropriate source documentation from the vendor for every purchase and forward to your Fiscal Officer within 5 days of receipt of goods.

Enroll in US Bank Access Online

Receive real-time fraud alerts through text messages or e-mail. You have 15 minutes to respond if a transaction is valid.


Buying Commodities for UCD?

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