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New to purchasing at UC Davis?  Then you've come to the right place!


  • AggieBuy - Open to any employee on active UCD payroll status; restricted roles require set-up by a Department Administrator
  • Procurement Card - Training is required before a Procurement Card is issued
  • Kuali Financial System - a KFS User account with a Purchasing User role (granted after completing the training listed below) is required for purchasing in KFS

Who can buy for UC Davis?

  • Each department may decide who can initiate a purchase within their department, so check with your business office before making a purchase
  • Authorized purchases are those made using one of the standard methods listed above; paying for something out of pocket and asking for reimbursement is considered an unauthorized purchase and counter to policy

Helpful Resources

  • Buying Methods - learn what methods are available for making purchases, how to use them, and what (if any) restrictions apply.
  • Training - If you'll be using the Kuali Financial System (KFS), you will need to complete the KFS online purchasing class; we also recommend completion of the AggieBuy training class
  • Policy - you should be familiar with the campus procurement policies before you buy; start with Policy 350-10, Procurement, for the basics
  • How Do I Buy... - review a list of commonly-purchased transactions and the various ways (preferred and allowed) for purchasing them
  • Reporting - the Commodities Purchased Log (365) in FIS Decision Support (DS) is a great resource for learning more about the types of commodities that your department purchases

Questions or issues making a purchase?  Contact the Help Desk at or (530) 752-3855. 

Or, contact the AggieBuy Help Desk at if you have questions on using the UC Davis e-procurement system.

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