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Illumina Sequencing System Alert July 2017

Due to a recent security issue in July 2017, we recommend that users of any Illumina Sequencing System apply the currently available security updates to their systems at their earliest opportunity.

Security updates can be made by Illumina technical support, FSE (Field Service Engineer) or FAS (Field Application Scientist):

If your departmental IT unit is making the security updates directly to the Illumina system(s), please ensure that the security updates are set to update manually and are performed only when the instrument is idle.

If the Illumina system becomes infected:

  1. Take a camera picture of the notepad document that is on the screen.
  2. Unplug the instrument from the network/Internet
  3. Contact Illumina Tech Support as soon as possible at  1--800-809-4566 toll-free (US)
  4. Please do not remove any files or send email from any infected instruments.

Questions should be directed to Illumina Technical Support at .

Taking the steps above will help ensure the safety of your equipment and other systems that work with your Illumina Sequencing Systems.  We appreciate your assistance.

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