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There are several training options available for learning more about Purchasing (Procurement) at UC Davis.  The following classes are in the UC Learning Center.  Search on the title of the class in order to access and begin the online training.  The classes are available to complete at any time.

Most of the classes are OPTIONAL, with the exception of the Purchasing class which is REQUIRED before create access is granted to the Purchasing documents in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

KFS Purchasing Online Training

(1hr, 45 min)  (PDF of Training)  This online class provides an overview of the Requisition and Purchase Agreement documents, including when to use each one and how to complete each of them.  Discussion is also provided on how to purchase against an existing Purchase Agreement.  This training is required for access to CREATE these KFS Purchasing documents.  Once you complete this training, access is granted the next business day.  

KFS Line Item Receiving Document Training

(20 min) (PDF of Training)  This online class provides an overview of when the Line Item Receiving document is required and what needs to be done before a Payment Request document can be processed against a Purchase Order.  This class is recommended for anyone that will be receiving and/or processing payments against Purchase Orders

KFS Procurement Card Document Online Training

(30 min) (PDF of Training)  This online class provides an overview of how to use the Procurement Card (PCDO) document in the Kuali FInancial System. Discussion includes an overview of what information appears on the document, how to change accounting information, and how to ensure that taxes are calculated correctly by KFS.  There is also discussion on how to change the default information assigned to a Procurement Card by using the Procurement Cardholder (PCDH) document.  This training is recommended for anyone that manages an account(s) assigned to a Procurement Card. 

Procurement Card Training

Information on REQUIRED training for prospective and current Procurement Cardholders and fiscal officers who manage the accounts assigned to the cards is available on our Procurement Card Training page.

Other Training Opportunities

Amendments to Purchase Orders and Purchase Agreements: This PDF of a previous training provides an overview of when an Amendment needs to be processed as well as when it does not.  Information is included on what can be done when an Amendment does not need to be processed. 

KFS 101 and Accounts Payable: There are also online classes available in the UC Learning Center for learning more about KFS (KFS 101) and Accounts Payable.  Learn more on the KFS Training Page

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