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Restricted Items List

The following items are not delegated to departments to purchase directly.  Requisitions that include any of these items will route through Procurement & Contracting Services, regardless of cost:

  • Building Repairs, Products, Services, or Modifications
  • Animals; laboratory or others
  • Capital Assets (Inventorial equipment), unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Catering and food-related agreements
  • Charters - air, land or sea
  • Computer software that requires license agreements to be signed (does not include registration cards)
  • Consultant Services or Independent Contractors
  • Electrical supplies and equipment restricted per P&P 290-85
  • Employee as Vendor Transactions
  • Equipment Maintenance Contracts
  • Equipment Rentals in excess of 31 days
  • Food Equipment, unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Furniture, unless:
    • ordered in AggieBuy
    • ordered through the campus Furniture Program
  • On-site labor-related services of any kind
  • Personnel Type services
  • Precious Metals
  • Real property rentals of facilities, storage space, etc.
  • Respiratory Protection Items, unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Services or materials that are available at a lower total cost through a UCD service (e.g., Repro Graphics, Central Storehouse)
  • Specially controlled items, such as ethyl alcohol (except as purchased from the Central Storehouse or other AggieBuy vendor), narcotics or dangerous drugs, Radioactive Nickel Foils and Sealed Sources
  • Weapons (guns, rifles, etc.)
  • All products requiring special conditions routing in KFS (i.e. to EH&S, Facilities, etc.), unless ordered in AggieBuy

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