Procurement & Contracting Services

Required Forms and Documentation

Certain completed forms or documentation must sometimes accompany contract requests.  If a request is submitted without the required information attached, the request will be placed on hold until all of the required forms and/or documentation have been received.  

The following list outlines all forms and documentation that may be required.  Please be aware that failure to provide all necessary forms and documentation will result in your request being placed on hold until the requisite information is received. 

  1. Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Information Form: Required when contracting with an individual or company owned and operated by an individual.  Do not include the contractor’s federal tax identification number or social security number. 
  2. Report of Proposed Transaction Involving Potential Conflict of Interest: Required if contracting with a current or former UC employee or near relative.
  3. Confirming letter: Required if work has begun or was completed prior to the execution of an agreement.
  4. Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification and Approval Form To be used in circumstances where a purchase request is at or above $100K, and the transaction is not utilizing an existing Purchase Agreement or AggieBuy.  This is also to be used for Sole Source Justification Requests; refer to the Sole Sourcing information page for additional documentation requirements.
  5. Scope of Work Requirements: Required anytime the contract will cover services provided, regardless of whether the university is providing the service(s) or a contractor will be providing the service(s).  Please provide as much detail as possible. 
  6. Rate Approval Documentation: If the university will be providing a service to a non-UC entity (revenue agreement), the requesting department must provide documentation showing that the rate(s) to be charged for the service(s) to be provided have been approved by the campus rate committee or their dean or vice chancellor within the last three years.