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Price Justification

"The University shall meet its need for goods and services at the lowest overall cost while affording the maximum opportunity practicable to those who wish to become suppliers to the University." (PPM 350-10)

Agreement Purchases

University agreements have met price comparison requirements. The department complies with the price justification requirement by ordering items in AggieBuy or citing the agreement number on their Requisition in KFS. You do not need to include any price justification documentation when using a university agreement, thus using an agreement is always the preferred procurement method.

Open Supplier Departmental Purchases

Each open supplier purchase (generally those below $5000) requires price justification by the department. Departments should compare the prices of at least three suppliers (web suppliers, previous orders, or new suppliers) before placing an open supplier order on a Procurement Card or a Requisition in KFS.  There may be restrictions on the price comparison process if purchasing with contract and grants.  Check with the funding source if in doubt.

The departmental Request for Quotation form can be used to secure prices from three or more suppliers for a delegated purchase.  This form contains all the required information necessary to obtain accurate price quotes.

KFS Requisitions that Route to Business & Revenue Contracting Services

The Procurement and Contracting Services buyer assigned to a Requisition is responsible for conducting the necessary procurement functions.

The Procurement and Contracting Services buyers and analysts are trained professionals and are required to follow university policies to qualify suppliers, establish reasonableness of price, make an award and write the contract/order per the policies and procedures established by the University.

It is the buyer's responsibility to determine whether competition is required and to conduct the procurement regardless of any departmental-supplied information on KFS Requisitions.  Departments may suggest suppliers on the Requisition for Procurement and Contracting Services to consider, but Procurement and Contracting Services will make the final supplier determination.

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