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Ordering Tax-Free Alcohol

UCDMC Tax-Free Alcohol Purchasing

Note: UCD Medical Center alcohol ordering procedures are covered in UCDMC Pharmacy Procedure Manual Section 805.05. If you require alcohol at a remote (non-Davis campus) location, contact Distribution Services customer service support at (530) 752-0370.

What needs to be done first?

The procedures below apply to UC Davis campus departments purchasing tax-free ethyl alcohol:

  1. Before a department purchases, uses, and stores alcohol, they must have a designated department alcohol custodian on file. You can look up your department's alcohol custodians online. 
  2. To obtain authorization to purchase and use alcohol, or add/ delete designated custodians, the department must complete Tax Free Alcohol Custodians form, signed by the chair and any proposed custodians, and return it to Procurement and Contracting Services.
  3. For authorization to purchase tax-free alcohol in excess of 25 gallons the department must also complete the Permit to Purchase Tax Free Alcohol in Excess of 25 Gallons request.
  4. Distribution Services will notify the department in writing of its authorization to purchase alcohol.
  5. The alcohol custodian is responsible for keeping a record of receipts and disbursements on the Alcohol Stock Control Custodian's Inventory Records form.

How Do I Order Alcohol?

Tax-free ethyl alcohol is available in UCD Buy from the Central Storehouse catalog.

Table with tax-free alcohol catalog items

  • Designated department custodians are the only persons authorized to sign the Storehouse receipt for alcohol.
  • Designated custodians must pick up their orders, in person, at the Central Storehouse.
  • For information regarding delivery please contact

How Do I Dispose of Empty Containers?

Empty alcohol metal containers should be put in the green recycling bins with other aluminum cans. The cans must be empty, uncapped to allow all drops of alcohol to evaporate, and marked "empty".

Where Can I Get More Information?

More information is available in the Policy and Procedure Manual, section 350-20.  Or, contact Noreen McIntrye at or 530-752-3882.

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