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Receiving Controlled Substances

Only the following may receive controlled substances:

To add or delete names from the CSRA list, complete the Controlled Substances Receipt Authorization form and return it to Gerry Westcott at EH&S,  To find out who the temporary receivers are for your department, click here.

The Process

All controlled substances are to be delivered to Central Receiving. They will take possession of the drugs and initiate a Controlled Substance Delivery Record, which will follow the shipment to the authorized storage site. Every time the shipment is transferred to another person it must be opened and the contents verified by both parties. In addition, an authorized recipient must sign and note any discrepancy or damage on the Controlled Substance Delivery Record each time the drug changes hands.

The ordering department will receive a photocopy of the purchase order from Procurement and Contracting Services and must complete the area stamped in red. The authorized custodian designated in the description area of the Requisition must, as the ultimate receiver of the substance, sign the photocopy and will be the last to sign the Controlled Substance Delivery Record. Both of the signed documents must be returned to Procurement and Contracting Services within fifteen days of receipt of the controlled substance.

Note: If the required documentation is not returned to Procurement and Contracting Services within fifteen (15) calendar days of delivery of the controlled substance, a notice of negligence will be sent to the authorized custodian with a copy to the department head and EH&S. If the information is not returned within fifteen additional days, the Procurement and Contracting Services department will no longer place orders for the authorized custodian in question and will send another letter to the authorized custodian, department head, the appropriate Deans' office, and EH&S. The Purchasing Controlled Substance Database will be annotated, and all authorized controlled substance buyers and managers will be notified.

Delivery Troubleshooting

If a controlled substance is delivered directly to your department by the supplier, contact Central Receiving to notify them that the delivery bypassed them. Also, add a note to your photocopy of the Purchase Order that the delivery bypassed Central Receiving and was made directly to your department.

All controlled substance deliveries are opened and verified for accuracy at the Central Receiving department. If there is a discrepancy or damage, Central Receiving will contact Procurement and Contracting Services for product return arrangements. Procurement and Contracting Services will work with the department and the vendor to ensure that the most appropriate action is taken.

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