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Ordering Controlled Substances

All orders for controlled substances must be processed on a KFS Requisition (REQS), citing an appropriate commodity code. The PR line item(s) must include a full description of the item requested: quantity, size of package, and name of drug. Additionally, the REQS must include a statement with the following elements:

  • That the substance requested is subject to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970
  • The number of the Federal Schedule of Controlled Substances to which it is assigned
  • The purpose and/or manner of planned use and if it is to be used for teaching, research or clinical applications
  • The name of the authorized custodian (typically the principal investigator)
  • Whether or not the substance is pharmaceutical grade (required if substance is for animal use)
  • The final delivery and storage location

A sample statement satisfying the above conditions would resemble the following:

"This material is subject to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Act of 1970 (Controlled Substances Act) and is a Schedule II substance. The authorized custodian is Jonathan Doe. The substance is pharmaceutical grade and will be used to anesthetize dogs in research on heart disease. The authorized custodian's approved storage site is Building Y, Room X."

Note: Schedule III, IV, and V substances may be included on the same Requisition; Schedules I & II may be included on a single Requisition, but may not be included with the other schedules. No other product may be included with scheduled substance(s)on a Requisition.

Ad hoc route the Requisition in KFS to the approving department head or authorized designee for approval. If the department head/designee is not a KFS user, a signed document from the approver must be electronically attached to the Requisition. Requisitions citing controlled substance commodity codes will special conditions route to Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) for approval.

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