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After You Buy

So, the purchase has been made - now what?

What If You Need to Make a Change?

If the order was placed in UCD Buy or made with a Procurement Card, there is little you can do to change it. If you need to change an order before the items are shipped, then contact the vendor with whom the order was placed. If you need to change the account(s) that paid for the order, you can move the charge using a KFS Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) document.

If the order was placed in KFS using a Requisition ...

Paying for the Purchase

Orders placed through UCD Buy, or with a Procurement Card are automatically paid from your departmental account.

Purchases made with the use of a KFS Purchase Order are paid using a KFS Payment Request document. This document routes through your department, and finally to Accounts Payable. Back up documentation (i.e., the invoice from the vendor) must be electronically attached to your Payment Request document. Once the document is approved, payment is sent directly to the vendor.

Employee Reimbursements

Any purchase made outside of one of the methods shown on the Purchasing Decision Chart is considered an unauthorized purchase. For more on how to handle these situations, see our unauthorized purchases page.

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