Procurement & Contracting Services

Procurement & Contracting Services is dedicated to supporting campus purchasing of the goods and services needed to support a public research university committed to serving both our students and the greater public good.

Business & Revenue Contracts Team

We are charged with reviewing, negotiating, and establishing legal, binding agreements and contracts for the provision of services and service-related transactions.  Business Contracts agreements require signatures on behalf of both the University and the contractor.  Signature authority has been delegated from the Chancellor down to the Chief Procurement Officer and the Business & Revenue Contracts Lead.  Unless granted a delegation by Business & Revenue Contracts, campus departments may not sign agreements on behalf of the University.

Please note there are other contracting offices for campus, each charged with overseeing and producing certain types of agreements.  Aside from Business Contracts, the other contract offices are:  Sponsored Programs, Real Estate, Design and Construction Management, Innovation Access, and the UC Davis Medical Center Purchasing and Health Systems Contracts offices.

In 2015 Business Contracts was renamed "Business & Revenue Contracts".

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Commodities Team

The Commodity team is charged with the acquisition of goods for the UC Davis community at the best price and quality available.  Through the management of supplier relations, contracts, agreements, and competitive bid solicitations we strive to foster partnerships that leverage UC Davis' purchasing power.

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Prevailing Wage Projects

Services Team

We are charged with issuing purchase orders, which are unilateral agreements that do not require a contractor's signature, for the provision of commercially available services.  Signature authority has been delegated from the Chancellor down to the Chief Procurement Officer and Service Team buyers.

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Prevailing Wage Projects

Technology Team

The Information Technology (IT) Acquisition Team is responsible for contract development, negotiations, facilitation of complex IT acquisitions, and fulfillment of campus IT procurement commitments.  Our overall objective is to inform and involve the project stakeholders in the specific actions necessary to execute agreements for IT contracting, including risk assessment, fiscal, legal, and personnel considerations, while addressing policy, processes, and regulatory obligations to comply with University requirements associated to the specific acquisitions.

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Procurement Technology & Operations

We support the campus and the procurement teams by maintaining the supplier and commodity information in our procurement systems, managing the e-procurement application (AggieBuy), providing procurement metrics to inform better decision making, and by looking for training and communication opportunities for our customers.

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Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing Team is responsible for leading University-wide Strategic Sourcing initiatives that include implementing best-in-class strategic supplier relationships, agreements to leverage annual purchase volume and rationalize the approved supplier base to an optimum level.  We ensure that Strategically Sourced Contracts provide tangible benefits and value to the University community.  In addition, the Strategic Sourcing Team represents UC Davis on all system-wide sourcing initiatives incorporating our local requirements.

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