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The Business & Revenue Contracts team is charged with reviewing, negotiating, and establishing legal, binding agreements and contracts for the provision of services and service-related transactions.  Business Contracts agreements require signatures on behalf of both the University and the contractor.  Signature authority has been delegating from the Chancellor down to the Chief Procurement Officer and the Business & Revenue Contracts Manager.  Unless granted a delegation by Business & Revenue Contracts, campus departments may not sign agreements on behalf of the University.

In 2005, Business Contracts was broken apart and the campus contract system was reorganized.  As a result, there are other contracting offices for campus, each charged with overseeing and producing certain types of agreements.  Aside from Business Contracts, the other contract offices are:  Sponsored Programs, Real Estate, Design and Construction Management, Innovation Access, and the UC Davis Medical Center's Purchasing and Health Systems Contracts offices.

In 2015 Business Contracts was renamed "Business & Revenue Contracts".

Our Team

Melanie Brown
Team Lead 754-1371
Kay Cole
Contract Administrator 3 754-1364
Inez Reed
Contract Administrator 2 752-1847

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