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Accepting and Endorsing Checks

Accepting Checks

Do not accept a check that does not meet the following criteria:
  1. The date must be written on the check, and be within the past six months.
  2. The legal and written amounts have to agree.
  3. There must be a payee on the check.
  4. There must be a signature(s) on the check.

Endorsing a Check

A check must be endorsed, as follows, prior to deposit:
  1. The endorser must be the same as the payee on the front of the check.
  2. University endorsement stamps can be used for all the different university payee designations (e.g., UC Regents, University of California Regents).
  3. The endorsement is placed on the back upper left of the check - it is behind where the name appears and there are usually lines. This is in compliance with Federal regulations.

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