Accounting & Financial Reporting

Create an Account

Use this step-by-step guide to set-up a new account. Click on each step to get detailed instructions for that step. Each step must be completed before beginning the next step.

Note: These instructions are not for setting up an Extramural (Contracts & Grants) accounts. Please see the separate instructions for doing so.

*KFS = Kuali Financial System

  Steps What's Involved Person Responsible
1 Gather Information
  1. What You Need to Know
  2. Determine Chart
  3. Choose Account Code
  4. Determine Organization
  5. Choose a Fiscal Officer
  6. About UC Information
  7. Select UC Location
  8. Find UC Account
  9. Locate UC Fund
Any KFS* User
2 Process an Account Document
  1. Start the Account Document
  2. Complete the Document
Any KFS* User

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