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Intercampus Order/Charge (IOC)

An IOC is a billing between two UC campuses or between one UC campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP). In the case of a refund, one UC location paid another UC location and is seeking partial or full return of the payment. In the case of a reimbursement, one UC location incurred expenses on behalf of another UC location and is seeking payment to cover the expenses.

What are some examples of IOCs?

IOC examples include:

  • Conference registrations held on another UC campus
  • Service department billings to Principal Investigators at other campuses
  • Deposits that belong to another campus made at UC Davis in error
  • Transactions between campuses that involve agency accounts

Example of completed IOC

How are IOCs recorded?

Rather than cut checks to one another, UC handles IOCs via a system of financial control accounts. It involves completion of an IOC form, available on our Forms page. Note: Some departments download a copy of the form to their desktop and then reuse that same form. We recommend that instead, you always go to our Forms page to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date IOC form.

Which campus completes the IOC?

For refunds, the campus sending the refund initiates the transfer. For reimbursements and other recharges, the campus receiving the funds initiates the transfer. If you are completing the IOC, you'll see an Instructions tab as part of the form. If UCOP or a different campus will complete the IOC, provide them with the KFS Full Accounting Unit (FAU). The required fields are chart, account, and object code. Optional fields are sub-account, sub-object, and project. If the other campus requests additional accounting information, refer them to their General Accounting office. In addition, ask the other campus to include the KFS FAU in the Description field of the IOC form.

What if my contact does not know his/her full accounting unit?

Your contact must seek help from his/her accounting department. Each campus has a unique financial system and UCD cannot assist.

Where do I send the completed IOC form?

Each person can e-mail 1 form per month to

What is the due date?

The IOC form must be submitted by the 20th of each month to guarantee it is processed and appears on the ledger for that month.

Why can I only submit an IOC form only once a month?

Each document number depends on the initials of the preparer. Duplicates would be created if there were multiple submissions within the same month. If additional forms are necessary, it is recommended another person’s contact information is used.

Will I receive a response after submission?

No. If the IOC form is missing required information, the Financial Controls Team will contact you to update and resubmit.

How can I print?

The IOC form is intended to be printed to PDF.

When will IOCs appear on the ledgers?

1-2 business days after the 20th if Accounting & Financial Reporting received an error-free UCD IOC form. IOCs initiated by other campuses may or may not appear in the ledger by the end of the month if they are received after the 20th.”

How do IOCs appear on the ledgers?

IOCs appear in the ledgers as Document Type GLJV. The Tracking Number field contains the name of the other campus involved. The Transaction Description field indicates whether it is a recharge, refund, or reimbursement.

The Process Diagram

process diagram

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