Key UC Expense Reporting Attributes

NSF Field of Study (NSF) Code

The NSF FOS Code contains 3 digits and is assigned only to expense accounts whose HEFC is for organized research (i.e., ORES or OAES). The code identifies the subject of study (e.g., 013 represents Civil Engineering and 042 represents Computer Sciences). The codes are defined by the National Science Foundation and are reported annually.

List of NSF Codes

011 Engineering: Aeronautical and Astronautical
012 Engineering: Chemical
013 Engineering: Civil
014 Engineering: Electrical
015 Engineering: Mechanical
016 Engineering: Other
017 Engineering: Metals & Materials
018 Engineering: Bioeng/Biomed Engin
Physical Sciences
021 Physical Sciences: Astronomy
022 Physical Sciences: Chemistry
023 Physical Sciences: Physics
024 Physical Sciences: Other
Environmental Sciences
031 Environmental Sciences: Atmospheric
032 Environmental Sciences: Earth Sciences
033 Environmental Sciences: Oceanography
034 Environmental Sciences: Other
Mathematical Sciences
041 Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science
042 Computer Sciences
Life Sciences
051 Life Sciences: Agricultural
052 Life Sciences: Biological
053 Life Sciences: Medical
054 Life Sciences: Other
060 Psychology
Social Sciences
071 Social Sciences: Economics
072 Social Sciences: Political Science
073 Social Sciences: Sociology
074 Social Sciences: Other
Other Sciences
080 Other Sciences
510 Education
520 Law
530 Humanities
540 Visual & Performing Arts
550 Business and Management
560 Communications, Journalism and Library Science
570 Social Work
580 Other Non-Science & Engineering Fields
999 Non-NSF Discipline Category, e.g. "Reversal of Capitalized Expenditures for Research Equipment"

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