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Changing UC Account Numbers on Accounts

Note: Visit the UC Accounts page for more information on what a UC Account is.

Changing the UC account assigned to a Kuali account can have a significant impact on the University's financial reports. For this reason, changes to UC accounts are generally not allowed. The following factors are evaluated when determining whether a UC account change is appropriate:

  • If the Kuali account had budget or expense activity in a prior fiscal year
  • What the UC account is changing from and to

Let's consider common reasons for wanting to change the UC account:

  1. When the KFS account was created, the wrong UC account was assigned.
    When the KFS account did not have budget or expense activity in a prior fiscal year, then it's ok to change the UC account because the University has not yet reported financial activity for the KFS account.

    If the KFS account had budget or expense activity in a prior fiscal year, then consider the change:

    • If you are only changing the first two digits of the UC account, and those changes do not change the Higher Education Function Code (HEFC), then the change is allowed. Example: A change from 444024 to 454024 is ok because both 44 and 45 have the same HEFC - Organized Research.
    • However, a change from 444024 to 624024 is typically not allowed because it's a change in HEFC - Organized Research to Public Service. Instead, create a new KFS account and transfer the expenses from the old account to the new account.
  2. A KFS account is being moved from one department to another
    If a Kuali account belonging to one department is being moved to another, it is not appropriate to change the UC account. Instead, create a new Kuali account. This will enable the University to separate the account activity that occurred in the prior department from the account activity that occurs in the current department.

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