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Handling Problem Liens

The following guide explains how to find, clear, and prevent problem liens. If you experience problems removing liens contact the FIS Help Desk at .
  Steps What's Involved
1 Locate Liens
  1. Run the Current Encumbrance Balances (46) in Decision Support
2 Clear Liens
  1. Identify liens
  2. Take required action
Step 1: Locate Outstanding Liens  
  What to do How to do it
A. Run the Current Encumbrance Balances (46) in Decision Support
  1. In Decision Support, enter 46 in the Query Jump box
  2. Be sure the Fiscal Year is marked to current
  3. Enter a Chart and Organization Code
  4. Make sure the Group on Tracking # box is check-marked
  5. Click Process Query
Step 2: Clear Liens   
  What to do How to do it
A. Identify liens
  1. Credit liens appear on FIS DS Report 46 with a "CR" after the total amount
  2. Check the Doc Type column on report 46 to identify the sources of the liens:
    • PO = Purchase Order
    • PE = Pre-Encumbrance
Note: UCD Buy liens do not appear on DS Report 46. UCD Buy liens for orders that have been canceled should disappear from your ledgers about 120 days after the order posts. If they don't, or if you need to have the liens removed sooner because you are closing the account, contact the FIS Help Desk.
B. Take required action

  • PO liens - If the PO is closed, submit the Lien Clearing Request Form. If the PO is open, locate the document in Kuali and then close it by clicking the Close button.
  • PE liens: Check the Pre-Encumbrance (PE) document to see if there's a reversal date. If there is, leave the lien alone; it will be removed on the reversal date. If there is no reversal date, process another PE to reverse the original lien; use the same tracking number cited on the prior PE and be sure to use the correct posting period (this is based on fiscal year so 01 is July not January). When reversing a PE, you will be required to enter a prior document number.
Note: For problems not addressed above or not solved using these methods, submit the Lien Clearing Request Form.

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