Procurement Card

Violations Procedures


The purpose of this procedure document is to provide clarity around the consequences of violating the Procurement Card policies. If a cardholder fails to adhere to policy, they are subjected to the suspension or revocation of the card.


1.  Violations include any of the following:

  • Purchase of personal items, including but not limited to any purchase that the cardholder cannot provide a bona fide UC business purpose.
  • Purchase of prohibited or unauthorized items, as defined on the A&FS Allowable Uses website
  • Splitting a transaction in order to bypass the transaction limit (per PPM 350-22).
  • Late submission of Procurement Card Document (PCDO) in Kuali Financial System (KFS), 30 days or longer after the creation date of the PCDO document.
  • Providing insufficient source documentation with the PCDO document.
  • Failure to notify US Bank of disputed items within 30 days of the statement date where the disputed item first appears.
  • Any additional violations of campus and UCOP procurement-related policies.

2.  Consequences for Card Program Violations

  • If the policies of the Card Program use are not met, a written notice will be issued via e-mail to the cardholder. The written notice serves as a first time warning.
  • If a second violation occurs for the same issue, then the cardholder and the Fiscal Officer will receive a written notice via e-mail.
  • If a third violation occurs for the same issue, the cardholder, Fiscal Officer, and the cardholder's Vice-Chancellor will receive notification of final warning before card privileges are suspended or revoked.
  • If a fourth violation occurs for the same issue, then the card will be suspended or revoked. A cardholder that loses their procurement card privileges may reapply after six months and will be required to complete the new cardholder training again.

3.  The Card Program Administrator reserves the right to revoke card privileges of the cardholder and/or department at any time a violation has been confirmed per University policy (please reference BUS-43 for additional information).